Schools & daycare centers

Schools & daycare centers

The Radolfzell Town Museum offers a comprehensive educational program on the history of the town and pharmacy history. Annually changing special exhibitions shed light on current regional historical topics.

Children’s city tour

The children’s city tour focuses on the medieval and early modern heritage of the old town. In the activity-oriented introduction to the topic, urban development is first recreated together with the children using building blocks before the actual city tour brings the previously acted out experience to life on site.

Living Middle Ages with “fashion show”

After a chronological classification of the Middle Ages, the objects and illustrations in the room “Radolfzell around 1500” are explored. Central objects include a replica of the document granting the town charter, an approx. 6 m long wooden water pipe from the 15th century, as well as glass and ceramic finds. The topics of town founding, trade goods, jurisdiction and food and drink in the Middle Ages thus become tangible. At the “Medieval Fashion Show”, two students slip into the role of knight and noblewoman. The joy of dressing up is combined with an introduction to medieval dress habits as an expression of their social order.

Museum case “Everyday life in the Middle Ages”

After a chronological classification of the Middle Ages, the topics of trade goods, jurisdiction and food and drink in the Middle Ages are brought to life in the classroom using original objects. The “Medieval Fashion Show” can also be brought along on request.

Making a herbal ointment

After an introduction to the history of pharmacies, the children become active themselves. From harvesting the herbs in the museum garden and chopping them up with knives on boards to making an oil extract, all hands are needed. The children take turns filtering, hardening and bottling the herbal ointment. The tour provides interesting information about the properties and origins of medicinal herbs.

Pill production

“Pill pusher” was once the everyday term used by pharmacists. After an introduction to the history of pharmacy, the children are introduced to the historical craft. As described in the original pharmacist’s recipe, the pill mass is crushed with a mortar and then twisted into shape on the pill board. Finally, edible pills are made from marzipan using the same method, which can be taken home.

Time required and costs

The modules in the city museum are designed to last 60 or 120 minutes, plus the time required to get there and back. The museum case can be booked for either one or two school lessons. The cost for a school class is a flat rate of € 30.00 (up to 18 years) per hour. Admission is free for two accompanying persons, for each additional accompanying person the museum entrance fee is € 5.00. For information and to make an appointment, please call: 07732 / 81-540 and