Permanent exhibition in the Radolfzell City Museum

3D tour of the museum

So that you can still visit our museum virtually, we offer a 3D representation of our house with many interesting details:

Attic: herb room

In the attic of the Radolfzell town museum, in addition to administrative rooms, there is also the material chamber of the old town pharmacy, which is also popularly known as the “herb chamber”. The collection of antiquities with its recourse to historical forms of presentation and the “Scheffel-Separée” section with original objects relating to Joseph Victor von Scheffel, bestselling author of the 19th century and honorary citizen of Radolfzell, can also be found here. Please note: The herb chamber can be viewed through a window and can only be entered as part of a guided tour for conservation reasons.

2nd floor: special exhibition, cabinet of curiosities, herb garden, landlord’s cabinet exhibition

In addition to the special exhibition area, the 2nd floor also houses the cabinet of curiosities and the herb garden on the roof terrace with a unique view of Seetorplatz.

Until February 25, 2024, the city museum is showing the special exhibition “Environment moves. People – History – Radolfzell” and takes a look at the developments from the 1920s to the present day that have shaped the modern environmental and climate protection movement in the region, in Baden-Württemberg and even beyond.

1st floor: History of the town from Bishop Radolf to the 19th century

On the second floor there are themed islands on the history of Radolfzell, starting with the pilgrimage that was founded by the relics brought here by Bishop Radolf, through the town’s medieval heyday (Download Leaflet “Radolfzell around 1500”)industrialization in the 19th century, to the city’s role as an SS garrison location under National Socialism (see Remembrance and commemoration in Radolfzell).


First floor: Biedermeier pharmacy and laboratory of the old town pharmacy

In addition to the cash desk and checkroom, you will find the beautiful Biedermeier pharmacy and the laboratory of the old town pharmacy. Today, our lectures and children’s events take place in the former medicine cellar.